Vivada Solutions

Vivada is a complete solution that meets a range of needs, from enabling voice and data connectivity in remote and rural regions to providing extensions to classical LTE networks. It is ideal for network operators and providers of all kinds who need a simple, convenient means to roll out coverage, supported with a complete OSS / BSS suite as well as the EPC core. With a small footprint and low-power / solar options, Vivada meets the needs of a wide range of use cases.

Vivada GSM

Vivada-GSM is a complete solution that enables the delivery of voice and data connectivity solutions via micro-BTS capabilities and local Wi-Fi with backhaul options for locations that are hard to reach and in remote locations. It provides everything that is required to deliver connectivity, offer services and manage reseller and subscriber accounts in a low-footprint, low-power solution.


Vivada-LTE is a complete LTE solution that enables the delivery of combined voice and data connectivity solutions for providers that do not have ‘last mile’ connectivity. It provides everything that is required to deliver connectivity, offer services and manage reseller and subscriber accounts. Fully compliant to 3GPP LTE standards, it enables cellular mobile and data access with connectivity to external networks.

LTE Extension

Extend MNO LTE network coverage by deploying Vivada and provide the coverage needed to ensure high quality urban or rural mobile access, or to enable fixed wireless broadband service. Vivada can easily provide the scalable, reliable and cost-effective means to grow coverage and capacity footprint, with the lower OPEX needed to make deployments pay and minimising CAPEX, unlike fixed infrastructure.

Standalone Network

Vivada can be deployed as a standalone, self-contained network to provide a complete solution. It offers a complete mobile core, as well as the OSS and BSS assets to ensure operational performance, from service management to end-user accounts. It can also enable breakout to other networks, should this be required.

Shared Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Many providers enable access for others, allowing them to use infrastructure and assets to deliver services to end-users. In addition, National Roaming is becoming an accepted way to share assets, often through discrete network extensions, with local spectrum access. Vivada supports full multi-tenancy, so it can be offered on a shared Infrastructure-as-a-Service basis. Multiple providers can securely use the available infrastructure to reach their target customers, with clear accounting and traffic management.

Wireless Broadband and Voice

Wireless technology offers an easy solution to the provision of high-speed broadband access, combined with voice. Vivada’s scalability and cost-effectiveness allows rapid rollout and delivers the performance that is needed to enable a complete localised solution or one that extendsto extend the footprint of other networks.

Fixed-wireless Residential Broadband

Wireless technology provides a convenient and cost-effective means to deploy broadband connectivity for fixed access. Consumers and businesses alike can benefit from the rapid rollout of LTE infrastructure, which brings high quality and premium data access to users, in both urban and rural environments. Vivada’s modular format offers the scale to enable rapid rollout.

Rural Connectivity

Rural connectivity has historically been difficult and costly to achieve. Vivada changes this by providing a cost point that allows even the most remote region to enjoy the benefits of high-speed mobile data and voice access. It can be used in any region that is beyond the reach of classical mobile networks and which is unsuited to the economics of traditional vendor solutions.

WiMAX Replacement

Most WiMAX operators are looking to replace access with the latest 4G LTE technology and adopt the general 3GPP evolution path. Vivada enables rapid replacement of legacy WiMAX with a standards-based alternative that can scale to deliver true high-speed coverage and also enables voice and messaging services.

Secure, robust interconnection options

Vivada can easily be connected to existing network infrastructure, via direct protected interconnection gateways and SS7/SIGTRAN. In addition multiple backhaul options are available, including fibre, microwave and satellite links, with unique optimisation that ensures capacity is used efficiently.

  • Vivada provides the ideal solution for:

    • Mobile Network Operators
    • MVNEs / MVNOs
    • ISPs
    • Public infrastructure
    • City coverage
    • Rural connectivity
    • Mining, on/offshore oil and extractive industries
  • Enables rich end-user services

    In addition to connectivity, Vivada is a secure foundation for a host of services, such as:

    • High-speed wireless access
    • Wi-Fi coverage and hotspots
    • Voice and messaging
    • VoIP
    • Mobile payments
    • Information services
    • Cyber cafés and call shops
    • Mobile money integration / money transfer