Connecting the unconnected.

Surging mobile and fixed connections and exploding data consumption has left millions of people behind, lacking access to even basic telecoms services.

Increasing mobile penetration and network coverage is a key goal for both the telecommunications industry and society at large.

It’s essential so that access can be delivered to more people in more areas.

It’s not only the ability to communicate more widely that matters: as many have noted, the potential of the Internet to transform lives has made it a key part of the United Nations’ 2030 goals for sustainability.

Connecting the unconnected makes a profound difference. It generates untold economic and social benefits, boosting development and enhancing quality of life.

More people need connectivity but coverage growth has slowed. This needs to change!

About Us
  • “The Internet is the fundamental tool for empowerment in the 21st century and that it will be the catalyst for positive change in people’s lives through the creation of social and economic opportunity”

    Kathryn Brown, President and CEO, the Internet Society

Mobilise the world with Vivada

A simple, economic and highly scalable solution to bring connectivity anywhere.

Vivada offers a simple, cost effective and highly scalable solution, enabling connectivity and mobile access for even the most remote locations.

It covers a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Remote mobile access
  • Wireless broadband deployment to extend ISP footprint
  • WiMAX replacement and upgrade to 4G
  • Remote and rural connectivity for voice and data

With full support for both 2G and 4G mobile radio access technologies, as well as Wi-Fi, it provides the network coverage rural populations need. Vivada also includes a complete core infrastructure, allowing service activation and subscriber management from a single, turnkey solution.

With Vivada you can:

  • Reuse spectrum efficiently
  • Replace legacy WiMAX services
  • Build new partnerships
  • Support agile network extension
  • Deliver a complete, turnkey service network
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